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We Reach the Rooms of Over 1.2 Million Oklahoma City Visitors Every Year – an Average of Over 100,000 Every Month!


The number of rooms represented by the CityView hotel network totals 5,866.  This number of rooms multiplied by last year’s average Oklahoma City occupancy rate of 58.4% equals an average of 3,426 occupied rooms on any given day.  By referring to the chart below, you can see that with all things considered, our network was available not only to an average of 102,989 hotel guests every month, but a combined total of 1,235,868!





Hotel rooms                                                  5,866 total rooms


Average monthly OKC occupancy rate *                58.4 %


Occupied rooms per day                                  3,426 occupied rooms


Guests per room                                                   1.8 guests


Guests per stay                                              6,167 guests


Stays per month @ 1.8 days                                 16.7 stays




·         5,866 rooms × 58.4% occupancy rate × 1.8 guests/room × 16.7 stays/month = 102,989 guests/month


·         102,989 guests/month × 12 months = 1,235,868 guests/year





*source:  Smith Travel Research


 "Inner Ad Inc. is locally owned and operated,
and has been serving the Oklahoma City area with
CityView Hotel Television for over 30 Years."
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